Thursday, November 9, 2017

Down Range

I recently experienced Down Range, a new exhibit at the Umpqua Valley Arts Association curated by C.J.Breil and Thomas Orr. .
I was deeply moved by the work. It is a provocative exhibit in the way a really well curated show can be. It represents some of the best in contemporary work by sophisticated nationally known artists who happen to be veterans. The artists' experiences in combat thread their way into their work, sometimes overtly and at times in quite subtle ways. I was reminded how all the best artists, no matter who they are, bring their entire body of life experiences to their work.

Kudos to The Art Center for putting together such  a sophisticated exhibit. This is a  museum quality show that should not be missed.

Land, Light and Life: Nature Through the Eyes of Artists

I am excited to be working with the High Desert Museum and Andries Fourie on their new show at The Liberty in downtown Bend,Oregon.This show represents the museum's commitment to community outreach and contemporary art.

I have included the press release for the show below: